Hey there! 

Thanks for checking out my little about section. 

I'm not a fan of these pages, it's all very egotistical talking about yourself and where you came from. I get it though, I'm nosy too when I'm looking to work with a new person. I practically background check them, not in a creepy way of course. More just, I like to know where they started. So if you care about that sort of thing, do read on, if it's not your thing, please feel free to skip this part.

I was born in the north of England in a town called Sheffield, where I spent the first 12 months of my life, not doing much really. I imagine it was mostly eating, sleeping, and poopin I guess?

Then for some weird reason my parents decided to ship me and my sister off up to Shetland - a remote island 200 miles north off the tip of Scotland (don't worry they came with us as well).

It was in Shetland that I discovered my passion for creating, from age 12 - 15 I spent most of my days after school doing anything creative I could, be that animation, drawing, making music then eventually video & photo.

When I was sitting my first lot of exams age 16, I was given the choice to either do my highers or drop out of school to pursue my dreams. At the time my parents were very worried and I guess I was too. But something inside me just told me "I'm going to make this work". And that is what I did.

In less than 3 years I went from the disruptive school boy who liked to make videos, to Head of Content for one of the UK’s leading Facebook Ad Experts, Social Manager for one of the most recognised Magicians on the planet, and Videographer for one of the biggest UK YouTubers.

(Yeh I skipped quite a bit there but ya know, didn't want to bore you too much)

You can usually catch me on my laptop, sipping tea or meditating peacefully in the corner. So feel free to drop me an email or a message x